CUBOLAC is a policlostridial
inactivated vaccine for prevention of
Clostridiosis in cattle and sheep

A tool for prevention

CUBOLAC contains 7 different serotypes of Clostridium spp., for the immunization of enterotoxaemias and tissue infections..

Ultimate Protection

CUBOLAC has a protection against 8 types of diseases of ruminant: Enterotoxaemias, pulpy kidney disease, struck, blackleg and post parturant gangrene, necrotic hepatitis (black disease), gas gangrene and malignant oedema (braxy).

The best selection of antigens

Antigens of CUBOLAC are selected according to geographic statistic and epidemiologic data of clostridial disease, avoiding some irrelevant antigens in practice that interfere in the immune response.

Optimal antigenic blend

The best concentration of different bacteria and toxoids of clostridium that produces an adequate immunity.

Excelent quality and support

The best manufacturing clostridial process, high purity and quality with European GMP. It is European leader in clostridial production.

Performance benefits

Control of the outbreaks related to Clostridium infection

Reduces mortality

Low adverse reactions after vaccination

A safest vaccine

Each dose contains the least amount of antigenic protein that provides maximum protection, with a process of antigens highly purified and concentrated by ultrafiltration. This product can be applied by SC or IM route with the same safety

Highly stable

CUBOLAC has a shelf life of 36 months, with the same efficacy and protection, which makes it exceptionally stable.

Packaging benefits

Collapsible plastic easy to manipulate without risk of container breakage, thanks to their plastic bottle.

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