An essential and innovative tool in the control of ovine and caprine brucellosis.
Ocurev Caprine

The vaccine of choice

Manufactured in compliance with OIE and EU standards, OCUREV® was the first REV-1 conjunctival vaccine developed and made available. Now, is an essential tool in the control of ovine and caprine Brucellosis in numerous countries worldwide.

Ocurev Caprine

First step in the control of Brucella Melitensis

Caprine and ovine brucellosis is a major cause of abortion, which results in significant economic losses for farmers. Vaccination is the practical and effective method to reduce the incidence of brucellosis in endemic areas.

Easy administration by ocular route

The Patent Blue V, allows to differentiate vaccinated animals from not-vaccinated.

Perfect precision of dose

OCUREV® combines both a perfect dissolution of the freeze-dried cake and the high dosage precision of the dropper, allows an optimal and efficient application by ocular route.

Ocurev Box

Long-lasting protection

OCUREV® offers a long-lasting protection due to a cellmediated immune response, which is the principal defense mechanism against Brucella disease.


Avoiding interference with serological tests

When OCUREV® is administrated by ocular route in sheep and goats of age of 3 to 6 months, it induces a short-lasting serological response that avoids the interference with conventional serological tests. OCUREV® is compatible with eradication programs based on mass vaccination and test-and-slaughter principles.

Ocurev Eye Application

Suppression of the infection pressure

Vaccination results in elimination of the clinical signs (abortions) and the excretion of bacteria Brucella melitensis, thus reducing contamination of the environment and disease transmission.

Sheep application


OCUREV® is extremely stable and shows no tendency to reversion of virulence. OCUREV® has a shelf life of 24 moths, which allows to use prolonged time of storage with the same quality of protection. Investigations carried out OCUREV® indicate that is thermostable. It can be transported and kept up to a maximum of 37°C for a period of time not exceeding 7 days, facilitating transport for application in herds with difficult access.

Sheeps and Goats

Helping to decrease human brucellosis

Brucellosis is highly pathogenic for humans, causing one of the most serious zoonoses in the world. Animal vaccination has been shown to reduce the zoonotic spread of the disease, leading to a notable decrease in the prevalence of human brucellosis.