GUDAIR® is the only existing vaccine worldwide for the immunization of Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis in sheep and goats.
Gudair prevention

The vaccine of choice

GUDAIR is a key tool in Paratuberculosis management for sheep and goats in several countries worldwide.

The only one for prevention

GUDAIR is the only vaccine approved in the world for the control of Paratuberculosis in sheep and goats. GUDAIR decreasing the bacterial shedding, thus reducing contamination of the environments and disease transmission.

Gudair immunity

One dose provides a life-long immunity

GUDAIR contains an inactivated antigen of M. a. paratuberculosis and a last generation lipid adjuvant that increases the immune response. A single dose of GUDAIR produces a long-lasting cellular response and immunological memory, facilitating vaccination programs.

Sanitary management

GUDAIR reduces clinical signs, the severity of intestinal lesions and mortality due to paratuberculosis. It also reduces fecal excretion of Mycobacterium a. paratuberculosis.

Gudair control

Control of Paratuberculosis at any Stage

Vaccinated animals with GUDAIR will create an immune response decreasing the bacterial shedding of M. a. paratuberculosis into the small intestine. In animals that may already be infected, vaccination also will delay the onset of clinical signs, thereby reducing the bacteria in faeces and morbidity-mortality rates.

Increases productivity

Paratuberculosis causes significant losses in herds of sheep and goats, particularly in dairy farms. The benefits of vaccination with GUDAIR take into account not only the reduction of mortality and level of infection in the flock, but also the prevention of future significant losses and reduced yields.

Gudair immunity

Benefits after GUDAIR vaccination

  • Improves milk and meat yield.
  • Higher fertility rate: 2 more lambs per sheep vaccinated.
  • Higher longevity in vaccinated animals than non-vaccinated.
  • Decrease of replacement rate.
  • Significant reduction of clinical cases of Paratuberculosis.

Assured Efficacy

Different studies have shown a general positive effect of vaccination with GUDAIR , valued in productive issues.