Ocurev Caprine

A tool for prevention

BLUEVAC® is an essential tool in the control of Bluetongue virus (serotype 1, 4 and 8) in sheep and cattle, producing an active immunisation and decreasing the spread.

Advanced technology of adjuvants

BLUEVAC® is based on the use of Aluminum hydroxide and Quil A as adjuvants. Quil A is a derivative of a purified saponin that repositions viral antigens and retards them to be captured by immunity cells from vaccinated animals.

Less local reactions

The use of the purified Saponin Quil A as an adjuvant, produces no serious local reactions.

Proven efficacy

Testing and validated by RT-PCR method, BLUEVAC® prevents the viraemia, indicating no presence of viral genome after vaccination and making safe.

Bluevac Range

Widely tested

More than 230 million doses of BLUEVAC® administered in Europe, have shown to be a valuable method and the best choice to reduce clinical signs and viraemia in sheep and cattle herds.

Yield benefits

  • Control of the appearance of clinical cases of Bluetongue disease.
  • Cost-benefit of one dose vs losses associated with clinical signs and decreased production.
  • Control of dissemination of disease and declining trade restrictions.
Ocurev Caprine

Decreases the prevalence of Bluetongue

Vaccination with BLUEVAC® prevents viraemia and transmission to healthy animals, decreasing the prevalence of the disease in endemic areas.


With a collapsible plastic bottle, BLUEVAC® has a stronger and lighter packaging, and does not require vented draw-of equipment.